The Financial Brand Insights - Winter 2021

Accelerating the Corners Through

Whether motorcycle racing or running a bank technology company, Nymbus CEO Jeffery Kendall strikes the right balance between risk and reward.

By Nymbus

Motorcycle racing is a delicate dance between acceleration and braking. Slamming the breaks too quickly could mean a disastrous skid. Hit the front brake too hard? You may find yourself flipping over the handlebars. Racing also requires that riders develop an almost innate awareness of lean angles when entering a curve. Tiny steering adjustments can mean the difference between exploiting their machines’ limits or losing traction. To race on a powerful 1000 cc super bike, you need a steady hand, excellent judgement, and a willingness to take some risk. It’s not all that much different from running a company; you are constantly balancing risk with reward. At least that’s what Jeffery Kendall, Chairman and CEO of Nymbus , believes. Kendall’s passion — when he’s not working or spending as much time as possible with his wife, two children, two cats and a dog — is racing Ducati Motorcycles. He’s always loved anything with two wheels but has a particular soft spot for Italian bikes. Ducati combines the best of Italian styling with aerodynamics and performance. Kendall joined Nymbus as CEO in September 2020. Prior to Nymbus, Kendall was executive vice president of North America Sales for Temenos and executive vice president and general manager, Kony . Nymbus was firmly in its adolescence and struggling with scale when Kendall came on board. “As a startup with no revenue, you have to claw your way to get your first customers,” says Kendall. “But at some point, you have to scale. What you did early on may not be what you need to do to get to the next level.” Since Kendall took the reins, Nymbus’ staff base has grown from 150 to more than 450 associates. Kendall’s focus has been to expand

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