The Financial Brand Insights - Winter 2021

Financial Services Marketers Speak Out on Future Prioritizations

focus of most marketers surveyed. Getting a single identity of a customer/member and being able to orchestrate a connected experience. We look at the priorities here. Optimize: Measure marketing performance and optimize the impact of your investments with unified analytics with real-time, AI insights. The days of manually pulling data and trying to upload to a presentation slide are gone. Well, they should be gone. We asked about automated insights and particularly what kind of metrics do marketers prioritize in financial services. We’re at an age where marketing strategies can be optimized using intelligent insights, in real-time. Before we dive into the details, it’s worth calling out that marketers were asked to put themselves in a category of either a high, moderate or under-performing marketer. Here’s the split of Financial Services Marketing respondents: ● High performing marketers are 12% of respondents (70) ● Moderate performer 71% of respondents (420) ● Underperformer 17% of respondents (104) Financial Services Marketers Know: Financial Services Marketers Prioritize Customer Identity to drive insights and personalization Let’s start with all that data. The number of data sources that Financial Services Marketers deal with continues to increase year over year with eleven data sources by 2022, up from eight (figure 1). At an industry level, this isn’t really the

By Lincoln Hull Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce

It’s safe to say the last two years in the world of financial services haven't been typical, so that’s the case for marketers in the industry too. This year we surveyed over 590 Financial Services Marketers across the globe. They’ve given us insights into the state of marketing in the financial services industry. There was a lot to cover, so the following insights are broken down into three categories to help define the findings: Know: The value of creating a single source of truth for customers. Data, data is everywhere. Siloed departments, multiple platforms, we all know the story of organizations trying to bring together data to get that single view, no matter where you sit in the company. But in an industry with lots of products and services, regulation, and multiple departments, what data are marketers prioritizing to create a single view? Humanize: Once you have a single source of truth, you can segment and activate your data (with the help of AI) to humanize moments, at scale, across any channel. Personalization is king. But how do marketers get there in financial services to make automated marketing feel human? This was the primary Marketers at financial institutions have identified that their priorities are changing as we embrace more digital customers and members. See the results from over 590 marketers surveyed after a year where the industry was impacted by privacy rules, higher digital expectations from customers, and ever-increasing data to leverage. Financial Services Marketers speak out about the new priorities that are vital to helping improve the customer experience and efficiencies across the whole organization.

Figure 1

Estimated number of marketing data sources (median)

Last year (2020)


Current year (2021)


Anticipated use next year (2022)


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