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● Axis network intercoms and 2N IP Access Control . These products combine video surveillance, two-way communication for screening visitors, and remote entry control in a single device. Options include card readers and pin code entry for employees, which can be viewed and operated through AXIS Camera Station. Because a key card or pin code can be quickly disabled or removed from the system with a few keystrokes, these devices mitigate the risk of someone losing a metal key or having it stolen and used to attempt illegal access to the property. They also eliminate the cost of making metal keys and avoid the expense of re-coring doors should a key go astray. ● Axis network speakers . These intelligent audio products can be used to communicate with visitors, deter intruders with pre-recorded or live announcements, and play background music to enhance the customer experience. See Branch Audio Systems Crank Up the Volume on In-Person Banking ( In addition, financial institutions can create events and alarms for the audio system through the AXIS Camera Station interface. ● Analytics . Axis cameras and sensors support a wide range of video and audio analytics to help financial institutions be more proactive in detecting, identifying, and deterring threats. Some of the more common security analytics are motion detection, loitering detection, license plate recognition, and sound detection (e.g., weapons fire, glass breaking, and verbal aggression). There are also analytics that financial institutions can incorporate in their end-to-end solution to improve retail operations and the customer experience. Some of the more common operational analytics are people counting and queue monitoring. ● Axis bodyworn cameras . These lightweight, easy- to-use devices can be worn by security staff to record interactions and deter negative behavior. The video can be uploaded to the AXIS Camera

Station to easily search footage, export video and generate customizable incident reports. Keeping It All Secure In a mixed vendor solution there’s always the risk that updating firmware or adding a new feature in one system could break the connection with another or open the door for cyberattack. With an end-to-end solution from Axis, financial institutions can rest assured that new firmware, software updates and cybersecurity measure are thoroughly tested before release to make sure that connections between Axis devices will remain intact and secure. Axis network products include a variety of built-in cybersecurity features to counter different types of cyber-attacks, effectively battle vulnerabilities, and prevent unauthorized access to a financial institution’s systems. For example: ● Communication stays encrypted from edge devices through transport and storage at the head end. ● Signed firmware prevents attackers from altering firmware and embedding malicious code. ● Secure boot blocks and rejects unauthenticated or tampered code during the boot up process before it can infect the system. ● Axis Edge Vault protects the Axis device ID, a collection of certificates that include a digitally signed version of the unique serial number. In addition to receiving regular firmware and software updates from Axis, institutions can subscribe to Axis Security Advisory Notification e-mail service to automatically receive notice when Axis learns of any vulnerability that could affect in Axis products and solutions and what actions to take to reduce potential risks. To further assist financial institutions, there’s the Axis Cybersecurity Hardening Guide —a hands-on manual filled with concrete recommendations and best practices for hardening security system.

Axis also offers lifecycle management tools like AXIS Device Manager and AXIS Device Manager Extend to keep an accurate inventory of Axis devices on the network, the versions of software and firmware they’re running, as well as manage certificates, warranties, product discontinuations, and other important activity necessary for keeping the end-to-end solution secure.

AXIS Site Designer

The Advantage Of Going End-to-End With A Single Vendor

helps determine system storage and bandwidth requirements and the right Axis recording solution. Configuration setups created in AXIS Site Designer can be exported to AXIS Camera Station to automatically configure devices in the security solution, making it faster to design, install and verify components before going live. Going End-to-EndWith Axis But there’s more to AXIS Camera Station than just managing surveillance. AXIS Camera Station now includes AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry , a feature that unifies video surveillance and access control under a common interface. Operators can centrally view and manage network cameras and door controllers, verify alarms and handle user permissions with simple drop-and-drag ease. What else about AXIS Camera Station makes it an appealing platform for financial institutions? Integration with other physical security devices. With AXIS Camera Station sitting at the core of an Axis end-to-end solution, you can rest easy knowing that all Axis network devices are optimized to work together seamlessly. So there’s no sacrificing simplicity for scalability as your needs change down the road. ● Axis network door controllers . Powered by the existing IP network, these devices secure the door without the need for special cabling. They can be remotely managed through AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry.

One of the big pluses with an Axis end-to- end solution is that when it comes to service and support, there’s only one company to call. Every Axis product and solution is backed by Axis’ award-winning technical support team that knows the entire portfolio inside and out. Financial institutions can tap into a full range of services from assistance in installation, design and customization to introductory and advanced training classes, webinars, and an extensive online knowledge base. It’s all part of Axis’ commitment to helping customers maximize the benefits from their technology investment. The flexibility and scalability of an Axis end-to-end solution make it a smart choice whether the goal is to deploy a reliable video surveillance system, a comprehensive security solution or something in-between. And with all the resources of Axis standing behind it, financial institutions can feel confident that the Axis end-to-end solution they invest in today will continue to protect their premises, people, and assets for years to come. n Stephen Joseph is the Axis Communications Business Development Manager for the banking and finance sector in North America. He is also a member of the Vendor Advisory Committee for the National ATM Council (NAC) and the Security Forum Committee for the ATM Industry Association ( ATMIA) .





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