The Financial Brand Insights - Spring 2023

In This Issue

4 Business Banking Trends to Watch in 2023 8 Enhancing the Digital Banking Experience 14 Why Financial Customers Aren’t Happy and 4 Ways to Fix It 20 Reeling in Low-Cost Deposits in a Rising Rate Environment 24 Fight Fraud by Connecting Your Financial Channels 28 Attracting the Next Generation of Credit Card Customers 32 Rapid Design and Deployment of New Credit Scoring Models 36 Retooling Lending to Meet Demand for Faster Decisions

Branch Out! Extend Your Relationships With Digital

Meet customers where they are—on your digital banking platform. And use the data, traits, and behaviors customers are sharing there to provide individualized experiences—just like they’ve enjoyed in your branch. Q2. Built for what’s next.

For more on personalization, check out our blog: “Digital Experiences Made Relevant, Dynamic, and Personal.”



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